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I should probably just get straight to the point. I was supposed to leave today for boarding school, but I begged my mum to let me stay an extra day. So I’ll be leaving tomorrow, Friday, for Downside School. There isn’t any internet allowed on campus, so that means no Planet Cazmo. But I’ll be back to visit during breaks. I think the next break is in December. I’m going to miss all of you, and when I get back, fill me in on what I missed! And again, I’m sorry I quit headers, but when I come back from breaks, thats not exactly how I will want to spend my time. My email is: squdsqud@googlemail.com. The only problem is, I won’t be able to check my email there either. Send me an email from your email so i’ll have yours if u want me to. Well, see you in…1…2…3 months!


P.S: Everyone, please delete me from your sites if I’m on it.


Quitting Headers

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I’m sorry to everyone who’s on that list of headers, but I’m quitting headers. It stresses me out, and I won’t be able to make them anymore.



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Well I’m really happy because I usually have so much lag I cant talk, and have to log out and in all the time. It got so bad the other day that I could only say one thing and then I had to force quit. Anyway, I had a theory that if you clear your chat box, then your lag will go away, and it worked! To clear your chat box, you open your chat box (the little gray box on the toolbar to the left of the… thing where you type stuff in), and there is a pink eraser in the top left corner of your chat box. click it, and it erases the chat. Just remember to do it often or you’ll have to log out and in again. Have fun not lagging!


Cazmo of the Week!

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Hey sorry I didn’t post the most recent updates, but Cazmo of the Week has started! The first cazmo of the week was Jeff, and he stayed there for 2 week I think, lol. The second was Lil Blue! And this week’s is MythicalJedi! That’s all for now!


I’m back!

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Yay! My cousins didn’t eat me! That’s it for now!


Leaving for a week

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I’m going to my cousins place for a week later this morning. And I wont be back until the next saturday… maybe idk.


2000 hits

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Hey i just realized i got 2000 hits! I have no idea how that happened because I havent been updating this site because of the crash. Well anyway, thanks!